I have been a client of Nancy’s for over a decade, and I can’t imagine life without receiving regular monthly treatments from her!  I invariably arrive stressed — and usually with some physical complaint and/or some emotional “issue.”  While I’m pretty ‘self-help’ literate, I’m too close to myself and benefit tremendously not only from the energy work but from Nancy’s ability to “read” me and from her wise counsel.  By the time I leave her office, I am always practically floating — but also infinitely more centered and grounded and calm than upon arrival.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  In fact, after a recent move out of state, I still drive over an hour once a month  to see her.

Mia A., Poughkeepsie, NY


When I started seeing Nancy, I was plagued with many ailments and with a great deal of pain. I had migraines, intestinal complications, joint pains, and a swollen “moon face.” A friend told me she thought Nancy could help. Nancy has done more than help; she has helped me transform myself, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have learned to understand the pain and to actually get beyond it. Also, I feel so much more authentically ME, so connected to my own truth. I’m so much more compassionate with myself and that has allowed me to be very compassionate with others in my life. Nancy is surely a blessing in my life.



Whenever an individual loves what they do, they manifest excellence.  Nancy Recant is that type of healer. She is so dedicated to the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® that her focus becomes a laser beam.  Her treatment is like getting an acupuncture, massage, chiropractic treatment in one session.  She uses energy the way a skilled surgeon uses a scalpel.  She cuts through the energy blockages in the body so that the body can heal itself.  The end result creates an inner calmness, better sleep, improved mental focus and a happier outlook.

Dr. Paul J. Weber


The first time I visited Nancy was eleven years ago. I did not know what Jin Shin Jyutsu® was, nor did I know what it could do for me. Needless to say, “JIN SHIN JYUTSU BY NANCY” has been a life-changing experience. I was having difficult times in business, and my health was suffering from it.  Nancy gave me the tools to deal with the daily stress by showing me how to use JSJ self-help methods. Within the first few years of visits, my well-being and business changed for the better, and I live without daily stress. Nancy will always be part of my life, and I will continue to be one of her many successful achievements.

Mark W.


I am a very fortunate soul for having been introduced to JSJ, and most particularly, JSJ with Nancy Recant. This ancient harmonizing art has resonated with my body, and Nancy’s wisdom has resonated with my emotional and spiritual life. She is the rarest of individuals, creating a safe space without judgment. I continue to be most grateful for these gifts.



I have deep gratitude and appreciation for Nancy Recant’s powerful work of Jin Shin Jyutsu®. I believe it comes down to her experience, passion, and love for this Art.  When I am on her table, I am able to fully relax and surrender. And that’s when the magic begins!  By the end of the hour, I can feel the profound shift in my body. And more importantly, I can see the results in my life. Five years ago, doctors were able to save my husband’s life when he needed open heart surgery.  As grateful as I am to them, I feel the same way about Nancy and her work.  It is no less important. While it is much more subtle and gentle and less intrusive, it is no less life enhancing and healing. Thank you Nancy for the mastery you bring to your work!



I am constantly amazed at how much energy I can feel moving through my body – and how much healing I have experienced as a result.   I started this work because I had serious hip pain – both hips – and I was beginning to lament the fact that I would have to give up NYC because I couldn’t manage the subway stairs.  Today, my days are pain free. I have had great success with the relief of both back and neck pain. An exciting extra comes from Nancy’s ability to teach me how to use JSJ self-help between sessions.