Jin Shin Jyutsu: The Art of Living DVD

“Jin Shin Jyutsu:  The Art of Living, A Tribute to Mary Burmeister.” – Learn the story behind the Art that has transformed thousands of lives.  Through the courage of one woman and her journey to Japan, Mary Burmeister discovers and brings a gift to the West, Jin Shin Jyutsu – the ancient Art and practice of harmonizing mind, body and spirit.  Share in her path of discovery and healing and in the stories of those whose lives she has touched.  This 37 minute documentary reveals the profound yet simple principles of this life-altering Art.  Copyright 2001. By Nancy Recant.

“It blended all the different elements and wove the different aspects of the story together like a beautiful tapestry.”

“The film made me realize what a rich treasure I have with Jin Shin Jyutsu®. It captured the essence of the Art.”

“It is a gem, and we know a gem by the light it gives – like Mary. I think Nancy did an excellent job of clarifying and focusing on the objective of this video: as a tribute to Mary Burmeister, the source of light as well as a tool for understanding Jin Shin Jyutsu®. Nancy made it accessible to a larger audience in the US and beyond. Bravo!”