How long are sessions?
Sessions last approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

How do I prepare for a session?
It is helpful not to eat heavily or drink caffeinated beverages within an hour before a session.

How do I dress for a session?
Dress comfortably and be prepared to remove belts, bracelets, watches, and large, dangly earrings.

Is Jin Shin Jyutsu® geared toward a certain demographic?
JSJ can be applied to people of all ages and conditions.

Could JSJ help with mental/emotional issues, such as trauma?
Yes. JSJ can facilitate the release of the effects of psychological and physical trauma held in the body.

How many sessions are recommended?
I recommend that new clients commit to three sessions in close proximity (one to two weeks apart.) An individual’s needs and condition will determine the remaining course of treatment

Are there any suggestions for after the session?
The session continues to work itself through for the next eight hours.  Therefore it is advisable to refrain from heavy exertion after a session.

Is JSJ a science?
JSJ is an Art based on science.

Can JSJ “cure” my illness or disease?
JSJ does not make claims to cure; however, it helps to support the body’s own innate healing capacity by clearing energy stagnation and blockage, which paves the way toward healing.
It is advisable to consult with your doctor in conjunction with JSJ treatments.

Are the effects of JSJ cumulative?